Decorating a custom cake at Sweet Themes Bakery in Kent, WA
Sweet Themes Testimonials

Alison has an incredible talent for detail and perfection. Each cookie is perfect and tastes just as good as the artwork she creates. They are too pretty to eat,

Your beautiful cookies were a big hit, especially with my 3 year old. He will do anything we ask of him, as long as he can have a cookie!

Alison’s cookies have been a hit at several work functions I have attended. I decided to consult her for Owl cookies for my daughter’s birthday party. They were more

Alison did my sister’s wedding cookies and they were beautiful and delicious~ Alison is amazing!

“Alison performed her cookie creation magic with the AIM logo for a recent event. Not only did the corporate cookies make a huge hit at our meeting, the few

The Applied Imagination Cooke created by Sweet Themes Bakery

“When I want to make a promotional splash, I use Alison’s Sweet Themes Bakery. She designed these fabulous crown cookies to represent my historical book series; I sent them

Crown decorated cookie design by Sweet Themes Bakery

“No matter the event, Alison can create the perfect cookie to match. And when I say “perfect,” I mean it. Alison’s works of art aren’t simply beautiful, they are