Thanks, Dalin C., for this great write-up on Yelp! We appreciate your taking the time to visit our bakery and to really experience what we have to offer. We are different, and you said it all so much more eloquently than we ever could have. Thank you so much.


“Five. I know… Hear me out.


The first time I came to this bakery was somewhat on accident. I saw the initial reviews (weren’t good), but really had a hankering, if you will, for red velvet cupcakes. I missed a turn and ended up down Meeker in Downtown Kent. I saw this Sweet Themes and decided to give it a shot without a second thought. I was glad I did.


Let me tell you why.


When you walk inside, it looks as if the bakery itself has way too much space for the atmosphere it’s trying to create. The thing is, they did it on purpose. Sure the tables are spaced out and it has a bit of a empty room acoustic to it, but Sweet Theme Bakery dares to do what many smaller… quainter bakeries don’t: appeal to a large crowd. Their aim is to provide a space for birthday parties, meetings, and other large social gatherings that want to cupcakes 1kill two birds with one stone. The cool part about this place for those looking for that bakery plus wifi atmosphere to do their homework, relax with their latte and muffin, or stare out the window and daydream in-between blinks is that you can still get that here. The even better part is that you don’t have the closeness provided by other bakeries and coffee shops. Kind of like that guy or girl that lays their towel down next to you…when there is an entire beach to peruse. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to that guy or girl. Move your towel. Go. Now.


The people that work here seem to be the “small village help you get back on your feet with a to-go box” type. Very nice. There’s a certain passion reflected in the design and presentation of the baked goods here. I have never been met without a smile and a little conversation. They remember you and are more than willing to go the extra mile to include the “ribbon on every package” if possible. It’s familial. I appreciate that.


There is so much food served here, that I almost feel like it needs to be a restaurant. From quiche to calzones to soups to sandwiches to salads… notice, I haven’t even mentioned the sweet stuff. I have sampled some, bought others. Their buttercream and cream cheese frosting has an amazing blue ribbon blend of texture and effortless taste. Often times, I find that a lot of frostings can be sweeter than they need to be. Not here. It tastes like something homemade, but at a home that no one has ever been to. Ever. Everything is made right in the back and given enough time, they can create some of the most decadent cakes and cookies and cupcakes and other sweets that your heart desires. Even marshmallows. Made in-house. That’s right. I mean, I don’t know if they’ve perfected the floating cake, but you could always ask. Presentation is important to Sweet Themes Bakery and they have the quality in their food to back up how wonderful it looks.


This bakery does it a little different. You can taste it. You can see it. And you can hear it. If you don’t believe me, check out their website or Facebook page, where the latter will involve their fans in delectable pictures and guess what we’re baking games that will literally have you wanting leave work or school or bed to be first in line.


Go here if wrong turns and cupcakes are your thing.

Don’t go here if… actually, just get here.”