Our Chief Cookie Officer Alison is known for custom-designed sugar cookies perfect for any themed occasion. The cookies’ popularity helped Alison and her husband Joe decide to expand the cookie business into a full-service storefront bakery.

Naturally, Alison was not able to continue production of custom cookies during the construction phase of the bakery.  Currently, the bakery is in a “soft opening” phase, opening its doors to customers and offering modified hours and menus.

The big question now is, “Since the bakery is open, why can’t I order custom cookies?”  It’s a very good question and it has been bittersweet for us to have missed being a part of so many special occasions these past few months:  birthdays, anniversaries, showers, graduations.

If you have ever seen or tasted Alison’s cookies, you know the high standard of quality that she delivers with each and every cookie.  The same high standard is now being applied to a whole host of sweet and savory delights that fill the bakery cases on a daily basis, as well as to the customer service and inviting environment that Sweet Themes Bakery strives to offer.

Our Sweet Team is working very hard, but we do still have our training wheels on.  Once we get into our groove of providing exceptional daily offerings, we will be able to expand our workload and once again start taking custom orders for not just amazing cookies, but cupcakes and cakes as well.  Estimated timeline is late June/early July 2012.  We will announce the big date here on the website as well as on our Facebook page.

Another important update is that Sweet Themes Bakery will no longer be providing individualized packaging of custom cookies.  Cookie orders will be carefully placed in boxes so that customers may present them at their discretion.  Cello bags will be available for purchase separately for customers as a self-packaging option.

We appreciate your patience and support. Stay tuned – we’ll make an announcement soon on when you can expect custom cookies!