What a fun day we had at Sweet Themes Bakery today! The Sassy Red Ladies of Kent joined us for lunch. Though not all of the group’s 13 lovely members were able to join us for lunch today, we were thrilled to the company of five of them. They meet about twice a month for lunch and other social gatherings.


Their next big adventure? The Gondola Mountain Ride at Crystal Mountain. They are a fun group of charming women who generously shared their motto with us:  #1 is dessert first, and #2, all things fun. They love to “hang out” and relax.


Pictured here, left going clockwise: Queen Mum Marilyn, Nancy, Nona, Joan and Marjorie.All of these ladies are from the Kent and Auburn area, but there are other members who live in Renton that weren’t able to join them today. Thank you, Sassy Red Hats of Kent, for making our day! You are the sweetest!!!