We are proud to offer Caffé Vita Coffee at Sweet Themes Bakery. Based in Seattle, this locally owned company has been roasting its own coffee since 1995. Using a Probat cast metal roaster, Caffé Vita artisans roast coffee beans in small batches to optimize flavor. You can enjoy your favorite Caffé Vita blend already prepared, or you can buy roasted coffee beans at Sweet Themes to brew at home, starting at $11.95 plus tax. We carry these Caffé Vita flavors:


Caffé Del Sol:  Signature espresso blend is rich and complex with aromas of dark chocolate, butterscotch and praline. A deep, silky, amber crema with a sweet, caramel finish.


Novacella Decaf:  A blend of South American and Indonesian decaf coffees has hints of cedar, cocoa butter and roasted chestnuts. Exceptionally full-flavored with a sweet, rounded finish.


Bistro Blend:  A balanced, medium-bodied roast with subtle aromas of caramel, cocoa and toasted almond. Mildly acidic, honeyed-pecan finish.


Caffé Luna:  This French roast has robust aromas of bittersweet chocolate and dried fig, complimented by flavors of vanilla and maple. Full-bodied with mild acidity and a lingering finish.


Theo Blend:  This blend of exceptional coffees features enticing aromas of vanilla bean, black pepper and chocolate. Medium-bodied with herbaceous, dark fruit flavors and a finish of nutmeg and brown sugar. Certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.


Sumatra Bayo River:  Full-bodied and complex with aromas of blackberry, baking spices and fresh hops. Earthy flavors of maple and black currant resonate in a syrupy finish. Certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.


Guatemala Finca Nuevo Viñas:  Crisp and well-balanced, with aromas of pear and roasted hazelnuts. Flavors of citrus-laced baking chocolate lead to a smooth, sweet, allspice finish. Certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.

*descriptions courtesy of Caffé Vita