At Sweet Themes Bakery, we are proud to carry Caffé Vita coffees for our customers. We now also carry Caffé Vita coffee beans in 12 oz. bags for sale. We have the following varieties and in stock for purchase!


– Caffé Del Sol
– Novacella Decaf
– Bistor Blend
– Theo Fairtrade Blend
– Farm Direct Sumatra
– Guatemalan
– Caffé Luna


If you are a tea lover, we also offer a wide variety of Harney & Sons teas including English Breakfast, Citron Green, Earl Grey Supreme, Hot Cinnamon Sunset, Vinalla Comoro, Winter White Earl Grey, Pomegranate Oolong, Wedding Mutan White Tea, Rooibos Chai, Chinese Flowers, Paris, Bangkok and more!


Enjoy your hot beverage solo or with one of our tasty, homemade pastries – sticky buns, maple bars, cinnamon pull-aparts, bee stings and more. What a sweet way to start the day!