photo of Alison Carchedi, Chief Cookie Officer of Sweet Themes Bakery

  1. Take one smart cookie with a sweet tooth and a hunger for baking.
  2. Add a husband and two kids into the mix.
  3. Gently stir in gastronomical travels, delectable recipe creations, thematic celebrations, and a fun-loving and playful spirit.
  4. Allow friends and family to benefit from extravagant baking “experiments.”
  5. Gradually spread the word of the extraordinary talents of Alison’s Sweet Themes.
  6. Continue baking with purpose as Sweet Themes Bakery becomes a sweet reality.
  7. Offer hand-iced, custom-made sugar cookies, custom cupcakes, wedding cakes and other made-from-scratch treats to the general public, one sweet theme at a time!

Icing on the cookie: Smiles, laughter, and a whole range of emotions that one special cookie can deliver.

Number of smiles per serving:  Limitless

For more information about our Chief Cookie Officer, Alison Carchedi, please see Sweet Memories .